Popular posters

Gothic posters

Elegant posters and prints with a gothic and fantasy theme.


Old Norse art and paintings with cultural images from ancient times.


Posters with unique images of skulls and skeletons in various forms.

killer clowns

Posters with dark images of scary clowns and fairgrounds.

Dark Fashion

Mysterious posters with pictures of beautiful people with odd clothes and make-up.

Metal & Music

Stylish and unique posters with a theme of hard rock, death metal and music.

New on Sinister

Horror posters

mystical cult paintings

Ocuklt & Sect

Nasty posters with motifs of creatures and people in sects and groups.
horror movie posters

Horror posters

Nasty pictures and posters with a horror movie theme.
dark nature pictures

Dark places

Motifs with beautiful and mysterious environments. Pictures of nasty places.

Dark paintings & prints

At Sinister.se you will find a selective selection of dark posters and gothic pictures that are suitable for framing on the wall in a room where you want to have an atmospheric environment and decoration in dark colors.

Wall decoration for those who enjoy mysterious interior design
Paintings with mysterious and scary motifs are nice to decorate as wall decoration at home both for those who love dark interior design and spiritual art but also for those who want to decorate with eerie and tough posters to get a dull and calming feeling in the home.

Open your minds to the unknown. Darkness and mystery don't have to be evil. It can be instructive and good to embrace what is perceived as dark and sinister. To not be afraid of the bitter and gloomy parts of life that the vast majority of people go through.

Mysterious posters with occult and gothic images

Elegant & atmospheric decoration

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